Who are we? 

Numinor is a an investment company focused on cash-flowing properties, syndications, capital raising, and business brokering. 

We currently manage 5 businesses, 10 properties in 3 states, with 3.2m in assets under management. 

We're having a blast growing through partnerships and syndications. 

Can we help you?  

First, education and coaching. 

(1) Education and consulting.  Schedule a free initial consultation  meeting to talk about your goals and see how we can help. 

(2) Partnerships. For the right fit, we can co-invest in a deal. Grow faster, together! 

(3) Capital raises for larger projects. Connect with our high dollar figure capital placement campaigns. 

Sample deal 1: 

Erlanger KY


$18,000 invested

$12,000 value add

$512 a month passive income

20% cash-on-cash return within 9 months

Forced equity + appreciation: $90,000

Total ROI: 500% in 2 years

Sample deal 2

Harrodsburg KY

Mixed use (3 properties)

$70,000 invested

$25,000 value add 

$1058 a month passive income

11% cash-on-cash within 12 months

Forced equity + appreciation: $56,000 

Total ROI: 80% in 2 years

Sample deal 3 (projected): 

Danville KY


$575,000 capital raise (1.35m purchase price)

$211,000 value add

$14,000 a month gross income

8% cash-on-cash returns for LPs

Forced equity + appreciation: $500,000

Total ROI: 90% in 4 years